About Aloesin

Aloesin – the newer… upcoming…  multifunctional skin care ingredient1 about

Bio-Solve Pty Ltd is a South African company that produces and markets Aloesin under licence from the CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research). Bio-Solve is supplier of Aloesin.  Aloesin is one of the newer, upcoming, multifunctional natural skin care ingredients and is one of the efficacious, safer skin lighteners.  Bio-Solve extracts and crystallises Aloesin to a high purity (>95% on HPLC).

Aloesin is a natural chemical extracted from the Aloe Ferox plants that have not been artificially fertilized or sprayed with insecticides or fungicides.  It is extracted from the bitter sap of the Aloe Ferox plant which therefore does not contain any additives.  The Aloe Ferox plant is an abundant species growing wild in its natural habitat in the South Cape region in South Africa.   The traditional manner of collecting the bitter sap from the leaves of this species, continues on a sustainable basis and does not present any threat to the environment.

Aloesin from Aloe Ferox :  a plant indigenous to South Africa


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